When To See A Specialist For Recurrent Sinus Infection

The symptoms of a sinus infection are known to many of us. Headaches and having pressure and pain behind our cheekbones and around our eyes are but a few of them. Most of the time these sinus infections go away with proper home care. When they don’t go away or keep coming back, here is the recommendation for when to see a specialist for recurrent sinus infections.

An ENT For Chronic Sinusitis

Along with the symptoms mentioned above, fatigue, sleeplessness, and drainage can wear you down when sinusitis becomes chronic.

Chronic or recurrent sinus infections may require an ear nose and throat specialist called an Otolaryngologist. An ENT specialist is trained in medical and surgical treatment of adults and children concerned with diseases of the ear, nose, and throat.

In addition to chronic sinusitis an ENT treats these conditions among others:

  • Balance disorders
  • Allergies
  • Voice and swallowing disorders
  • Ear noise like tinnitus
  • Diseases of the outer and inner ear

When To Seek The Care Of An ENT

Under what circumstances should you seek the care of an ENT?

Long Lasting Symptoms

sick woman experiencing sinus issues blowing her nose

If your symptoms don’t go away, and last longer than 12 weeks, see Dr. Ryan Stern. In addition, if you have infections several times a year, a specialist will be able to diagnose why this is happening and provide proper treatment.

No Improvement

If you have gone to other medical providers for treatment, but there is little to no improvement, it would be time to seek care from an ENT specialist.

You Want Additional Treatment Options

When all the treatments don’t seem to be helping, you need some options and an ENT specialist will be able to provide that care. Maybe you have been on antibiotics for a while, and although sometimes they can help, there are times they don’t.

A specialist may prescribe a combination of treatments. They can determine if the infection is bacterial or instead an uncontrolled inflammation which may require other care.

If Your Symptoms Become Worse

If you begin to have a fever, if the pain worsens or spreads, and if you experience an increase in nasal discharge, it may be time to see a specialist.

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Only an ENT physician has the fellowship training in nasal and sinus issues to provide an individualized treatment plan just for you. When your quality of life is affected by recurrent sinus infections, it is time to take action. Contact Dr. Ryan Stern at (206) 910-4641, or request an appointment online, for treatment of recurrent sinus infections.

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