Sinusitis Treatment Options in Federal Way, WA

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You may be trying one or more of these treatments. Other options may provide the relief you’re looking for.

  • Rest & Hydration
  • Nasal Saline Rinses
  • Prescription & OTC Medicines
  • Nasal Decongestant
  • Intranasal Corticosteroid
  • Oral Antibiotics
  • Pain Reliever
  • Minimally Invasive Balloon Sinus Surgery (BSS)
  • Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS)

Sinus Surgery Options

Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS)

FESS is a common surgical method to treat chronic sinus infections. In a FESS procedure, the surgeon uses a magnifying endoscope inserted through the nostrils to see and remove affected tissue and bone. In general, the goal of sinus surgery is to flush out infected material, open up blocked passages, and keep enough healthy tissue intact so that your nose and sinuses can function normally.

Balloon Sinus Surgery (BSS)

Dr. Stern may suggest BSS to help open your sinus passages and relieve your symptoms. This type of minimally invasive surgery can often be performed in the office. A special tool is used to insert a small balloon into your nose. Once secured in the right spot, the balloon is inflated to open and drain your blocked sinus pathways. When the passageway is open, the balloon is deflated and removed. Balloon sinus surgery has been shown to improve general sinusitis symptoms and headaches associated with sinusitis.

Image-Guided BSS

Like with other types of BSS, your provider will inflate a balloon to clear your sinuses. The difference with image-guided BSS is that your surgeon uses a navigation screen to see a map of your sinuses and the location of the balloon in real time. So, like GPS on your car or phone, they can see, guide, and place the balloon at the precise point to inflate and unblock your sinuses during this minimally invasive in-office procedure. The NuVent™ EM Sinus Dilation System is the only system designed, tested, and integrated to work with the image-guided Fusion™ ENT Navigation System.

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Are They Risks?

Balloon sinus surgery has associated risks, including tissue trauma, bleeding, infection, and possible ophthalmic injury. Patients should always discuss their individual needs and the potential risks and benefits of any treatment or procedure with their doctor. This therapy is not for everyone. Please consult a healthcare professional. A prescription is required. For additional information, please visit Medtronic’s website at For supplementary information on the NuVent™ EM Sinus Dilation System please visit

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